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Write for us in any field of technology and benefit from us for your SEO and niche-focused traffic!

Gadgets.net is always open to accepting guest post submissions that fit our audience. The topic can be anywhere from tech gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, or computers to the internet, mobile apps, and other software’s scope. (also, we love all the topics about the future technologies like AI/ML or blockchain, etc)

Why We Accept Guest posts

We value the contributions of the experts from a variety of industries in technology. We regard them as a gold stream of knowledge, expertise, and all that excites our technology focused readership for their journey of learning tech. Simply, the grateful help of the subject matter experts stream the ecosystem of Gadgets.net and springs it into life, which we sincerely appreciate.

Don’t Be Afraid About The Word We Mentioned,”Experts”

That we love experts’ contributions doesn’t mean that we accept it from only the industry experts or authoritative figures.

However, we will really appreciate ‘anyone’ pitching us a good/fresh idea of a topic and write for us content that will be beloved by our readers at gadgets.net.

It won’t have to be a deadly complicated topic or something rocket science (we will also love it though), BUT just think about what will be practically helping people with curiosity in everyday life tech, like a little tip of how to speed up your Windows 10 operation, or where to buy a cheap smartphone, or a guide on assembling a PC etc.

It will be anything that can help people in general, and it will be a good topic that we would love to go ahead with — OF COURSE, we won’t forget how to pay off for your thankful content contribution in various ways 🙂

What Topics We Accept

Generally, you can write for us on a wide range of tech related topics. But to be more precise below are the broken down categories we accept on a normal basis. Here you go:

  • Technology or IT industry news: Current news that occurs in the technology industry.
  • Hardware: topics on any hardware devices, such as computers, smartphones, wearables, gaming devices, and anything belonging to ‘Hardware’.
  • Software: articles on mobile apps, web applications, online tools, system operators (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc), and anything regarding software.
  • Internet: Introduction/guide/How To tips on useful websites or social media. Also, internet technology like IoT or web development will be good topics to go as well.
  • Future Tech: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or things of the current most advanced or futuristic technology.
  • Science: Reading about science is one of the most compelling things.
  • Reviews: you can write for us a review of a tech product, device or software, internet tool, or anything that people in this high technology era can’t live without using. Please share your experience with our audience on how you felt using a certain product or software.
  • Other: All things about tech will be acceptable for publication at gadgets.net. Don’t hesitate to pitch us your nice topic! (even if apparently not included in the list above)

The Quality We Love

Don’t be scared off. 🙂 To make it clear, this isn’t meant for scaring our writers and kick them out of this place. Never.

But this is only for our readers and their rights to being presented articles written with substantial and helpful content for their effort invested in reading it.

That being said, we have to clarify that we aren’t pushing you to write up a masterpiece of content, however like briefly mentioned earlier, what we will love to accept will be more genuine content than simply, spam.

You don’t have to go for a 2,500-word long bloody hard-to-write article, but we just want an article at least 800+ written not shoddily, or for the purpose of spamming.

Write For Us Technology And Enjoy What We Can Offer For You

Certainly, you will enjoy what we can offer for you in return — Nice SEO metrics and high quality traffic that may boost your lead gen.

Guest posting is the most powerful method by far, in terms of digital marketing, website growth, search ranking, and leads & sales. No many will deny this fact. We will pay off your contribution without a doubt.

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This is a fairly easy way to be published on gadgets.net. Please just make sure the article is 800+ words and not being spam. That’s all we want, not hard at all.

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