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What Is An Air Cooler And What Exact Type You Need

Are you planning to buy an air cooler soon, but don’t know the main factors that should influence your decision? We’ll discuss some of the most important things you need to consider when buying an air cooler:

What Is Air Cooler

It is generally referred to as an air cooling method that keeps heat dissipation. It works by expanding the surface area or increasing the flow of air through the object to be cooled, or both.

An example of the former is the inclusion of cooling fins to the surface of the object, either by making them integral or by tightly attaching them to the surface of the object (to ensure efficient heat transfer). In the case of the latter, it is done by using a fan that blows air into or onto the object that one wants to cool down. The addition of the fins to the heat sink increases its maximum surface area, resulting in greater cooling efficiency.

There are two types of cooling pads used in air cooling, one of which is Honeycomb and the other one is Aspen wood wool. In such situations. The air must be colder than the object or surface from which heat is supposed to be removed. That is due to the second law of thermodynamics, which states that heat can only transfer naturally from a hot reservoir (a heat sink) to a cold reservoir (the air).

Newer models come with new features that integrate the value of an air cooler and an air conditioner with one portable unit. A lot of designers come with more than what they used to be. Any new model comes with a disconnect timer that can be set to your needs. They also come with a remote-control option to change your cooler from across the room. Take the machine to the workroom, work with you, and then go home to help you cool off while you work in the kitchen or other parts of the house. Run it in the bedroom or out on a hot sun porch. Your decision is yours, and a portable device will keep up with your lifestyle.

Types of Air Cooler You May Consider

Window Coolers

Evaporative Cooler Installation - The Home Depot

As the name suggests, it is safest to put window air coolers on the window frame. The module contains a tank that, when activated, is outside the house and does not take up any space inside the house. While it takes up narrow space on the wall, it gives the room strong conditioning.

Window air coolers are long-lasting since they are built with superior plastic bodies and have honeycomb pads. These coolers cost marginally higher than personal and tower air coolers and enjoy extra maintenance.

Window coolers require less energy to have efficient conditioning. One of the main benefits of these bulky window air conditioners is their incredibly low cost.

Window conditioners are relatively easier to purchase and run regularly. Another huge benefit of having a window air conditioner is that it’s easy to install. If you have experience working with electronic items, you can also construct them yourself.

Portable Coolers

evaPolar evachill personal evaporative cooler review

This type of air cooler is designed for narrow spaces and offers good portability. They are most often referred to as ‘small air coolers’.

These coolers are well known for saving electricity, and they also clean the air in your surroundings to provide fresh, and cool air that gives you relaxation against sweat and heat.

Unlike other types of coolers, personal coolers are lightweight, made compact, and easy to use anywhere, and for wherever purposes. Companies like Crompton sell a range of these personal air coolers, comprising features such as water drain plug, inverter compatibility, and honeycomb cooling pads.

Personal air coolers have never stopped their performance improvement over time and now for some models, it has reached the quality point that can overtake air conditioners. And another big perk of air coolers is that most people can afford them for their cooling needs.

Personal air coolers use much less power and thus contribute to substantial savings similar to air conditioners. Personal air coolers use less space than household air conditioners. They’re right for you whether you’re renting a space or a smaller apartment. Many people who live in these places consider personal air coolers to be the perfect option for them.

Tower Coolers

Tower Coolers – To Enjoy Cooling a Little Higher | Havells India Blog

They are capable of cooling a larger area or space and are therefore also very powerful. Tower coolers can provide cooling in larger areas and in less time as air is distributed vertically. They may need better maintenance as they are larger units.

Tower coolers use a combination of fan and water cooling means to draw in the hot air and evaporate the heat and send out the cold air. The air coolers are designed to be as comfortable as possible and to make less noise.

Crompton air coolers offer modern tower coolers within your budget as well as features such as 4-way air deflection, mosquito-free, and dust filter net, ever-lasting motor, etc. Cooling tower water treatment enhances the performance of your cooling tower by recirculating water and eliminating contaminants such as suspended solids.

Desert Coolers

Desert air coolers are ideal for areas where the humidity is low and the temperature is high. These coolers also operate on the concept of evaporating water heat and moving cool air. As such, conditions are predominantly seen in desert areas, the name desert cooler is given.

Air coolers take up less room, are budget-friendly, and repair is not difficult like an air conditioner requires. As a result, air coolers are the safest choice for certain people. Air conditioners can have some benefits, but the functionality offered by the air cooler is sometimes better for anyone who needs an appliance that is easy to manage.

Most of the season, the Desert cooler is kept outside the building and the room coolers are kept inside the room. However, we can still keep the desert cooler inside the space where we have an open area as close to the doors, but its cooling power would be reduced.


Here you have a brief buying guide to help you learn what is an air cooler and find the best one for your place. Before you begin to check for models, be careful about the type of air cooler you need, depending on the climatic conditions in your region or the type of your use for air cooler placement.

Also, choosing the correct water tank capacity that provides maximum cooling without taking up a lot of space. We’re more than happy to help you choose a style that’s just right for your household.

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