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The Role of AI in Transforming various Fields That Will Change Our Future

Do you know the Role of AI in Transforming various Fields? Artificial Intelligence is an on-growing technology that impacts almost every field in today’s era. Artificial Intelligence is leaving its impression everywhere from Healthcare to Personal Development. The fields in which artificial intelligence is showing its influence are agriculture, education, healthcare, robotics, finance & banking, Travel & transport, social media, and marketing.

In our today’s article, we will discuss how artificial intelligence is drastically changing the fields and how time-consuming work can be done within seconds with the help of AI technology.

Let’s see what various industries AI is playing a huge role right now and slowly changing our future.

1) Healthcare and AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence): What's The Next Frontier For Healthcare?
Image From: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomtaulli/2019/10/12/ai-artificial-intelligence–whats-the-next-frontier-for-healthcare/?sh=74e043263353

Artificial intelligence is doing each and everything that a human can do more efficiently and accurately. AI plays a major role in the early detection of disease, radiology, tracking health, and keeping the human being well.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are together taking the healthcare facilities to the next level. Artificial intelligence is applied to big data to infer the results whereas Machine learning enhances the self-learning capability. Self-learning capable machines are like a boon in all the fields. If scientists forget to program for some query then also you will get results as the machine will learn from the environment, thus respond accordingly.

Have you ever think of operating a person without a doctor? Will AI completely replaces human doctors with Robot Doctors in the future? An intelligent Robot Doctor can do anything that a human can do from OPD to OT. The idea of replacing doctors in OPD for diagnosis is not so good but yes for sure a human-robot for assistance will do better.

Many intelligent applications and devices are already there in the market that keeps track of well being of a human. Such devices are FIT ME bands with different names in the market. These Devices keep track of a person’s pulse rate, walking steps, blood sugar, Blood pressure, and much more.

Early detection of diseases like cancer is now possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence and thus reducing the need for biopsy. The more AI will grow, the better will be the healthcare conditions.

2) Education and AI

AI, Artificial Intelligence has entered into the education sector removing the limitation and borders of learning, opening a new era of AI driven high technology in education

In the last few years artificial intelligence has entered into every aspect of human lives and here comes Education. Education is the area in which more will give, better will get. AI is changing the education industry completely. Now learning is not only dependent on teachers but a student can learn from anywhere now with the help of AI-driven mobile applications like Brainly, ThirdSpaceLearning, or name a few.

Managing student records such as name, class, grade, homework, and assessment is a very time-consuming task if done manually on paper. These things have become so easy with the help of artificial intelligence. Now teachers don’t have to spend hours maintaining records, rather they can spend more time in solving queries of students and betterment of students’ personal development.

Education and learning have no limits. AI helps in removing all the borders that stop you from learning. A large number of online classes and courses are available for students irrespective of location and geographical area.  Also, you can quickly satisfy the academic questions you ever have, with the help of chatbots just in real time.

3) Finance and AI

Artificial Intelligence has the capability of better decision making, accurate risk assessment, and faster fraud detection, hence AI is landing into finance and in the future years, the economic wealth of the world will increase drastically.

Finance and Investments are the fields in which no one wants to take the risk whether you are rich or poor. Artificial Intelligence helps people in investing in the right firm, shares, and start-ups. This is what we all need to invest our money into a safe environment. The financial industry has benefitted the most from the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms.

AI is replacing humans almost everywhere and so in the finance field. Analyst estimates that AI will save the baking industry more than $1 trillion by 2030. It is good to know that the banking industry has started considering AI-based solutions for traditional banking problems.

The risk associated with your money is now done by the AI systems developed more accurately. In older times recordkeeping was done on paper, so it was way difficult to find out the hidden risks considering all the factors and chances could be easily overlooked.

Now everything is done digitally with intelligent systems and just with one click, you can get to know the risk around your investment at any point in time. The occurrence of errors and mistakes have now dramatically reduced as machine learning takes hold. Loan calculations, Credit Offerings, Fixed deposits, and investment in the share market are now done in seconds more efficiently and accurately.

Fraud Detection In Financial Activities

The intelligent machines keep track of the past history, present behavior of the person like transaction, deposit, and money withdrawal from ATM. If the machine finds out any odd behavior like using a card from different locations that the user has never been to or has never made a transaction from in the record, it raises a Red Flag against the user. Then the bank Authority confirms if it’s really a fraud or coincidence.

In the future, we may see the replacement of bank individuals with human robots such as advisory human robots is now in use. The goal of embedding AI into finance is to be more accurate, faster, safe, and secure in our financial activities.

4) Travel Transportation and AI

Everybody loves to travel, what if your travel journey becomes smooth, easy and more comfortable. No wrong turns, No hassle, and all thanks to data-driven Google maps. Yes! Google maps are intelligent systems that guide people to reach to particular destiny considering all related factors like traffic, weather and vehicle size, etc. They tell you about your journey duration, traffic congestion and show you the minimal distance path. It is a software system that traces your location with the help of satellites and tells you where you exactly are.

The automated cars/Vehicles in today’s era are a boon for the next generation. Self-driving cars also known as driverless cars where no human being is needed to operate the car but machine self-decision capability will do so. Driverless cars are less prone to congestion, accidents, and pollution. They are trained in a very sophisticated environment and all the possibilities are checked against accidents, navigation difficulties, and calamities.

According to CNN London, Driverless cars are expected to be on roads in the UK by 2021 this year. The new technology is a step closer after UK ministers announced plans to move forward on advanced trials for automated vehicles. A statement issued by the Department for Transport (DfT) says that the UK is on track to meet its commitment to have fully self-driving vehicles on UK roads by 2021.

Final words – The Role of AI in Transforming various Fields

Since not too long ago, our lives have completely changed with the power of AI. Artificial Intelligence is something drastically fast growing and now the technology is transforming various fields so rapidly. In the coming years, we would become so much more dependent on AI even than now. Life would become easy but difficult to adjust without AI.

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