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The Media Battle: Streaming Services vs Cinema

We live in a world where technology is everything. Since Netflix was released in 2008, it offered up something new, a change. They came up with the idea of having an incredibly large number of movies and TV shows all in one place, all for a low set price per month. People couldn’t believe their luck. In their mind, gone would be the days of cinema. The world was moving forward, and streaming services would be the way to go. But as time would tell, that wouldn’t entirely be the case. As its popularity grew, there was a noticeable dip in people going to the cinema. But, potentially a surprise to the streaming service founders, it didn’t last. Soon after, people were heading back to the cinema, and there, the media battle began.

Why Streaming?

Well, part of the appeal of streaming services such as Netflix was, to put it as basically as possible, it was cheaper. Looking just at the films on Netflix, if you considered the price of buying either digital copies or DVDs of each of the films available, it would be jaw-droppingly dearer than the monthly fee Netflix is asking for. Not to mention the added bonus of TV shows and anime. Streaming services put a wide variety of films for all ages and preferences all in one place at the touch of a button. It offers up hours upon hours of different entertainment without having to move an inch from the couch – the farthest you’ll have to go will be to get some more snacks. And there are countless food delivery sites like UberEats that will stop you from going hungry. Streaming also offers up the opportunity to find films that you may not otherwise have discovered.

Over the years, streaming has amassed a massive collection of films from all over the world. From Korea to Spain to Bollywood, you can find all kinds of films on Netflix that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Since companies were able to observe their success and growth, many have been trying their hand at creating their own streaming service. There have even been streaming sites created that are entirely free! If you’re curious, you can find out about couchtuner alternatives here. But, moving back to the paid streaming services, there has been a boom in streaming services in the past few years. Most recently, and arguably most notable competitor is the addition of Disney+. As can be expected, the opportunity to get every single Disney owned franchise (of which there are many) Marvel, Star Wars, Disney/Pixar, and National Geographic all in one place has had everybody jumping. But, it may have a negative impact on sites like Netflix, which have now lost the rights to all of this content. That is one of the issues people have with certain streaming services, whilst there is an unbelievable amount of content – it won’t have everything.

So Why Go to the Cinema?

It may be hard to understand why so many people still go to the cinema when there’s a much cheaper and easier alternative available. But, despite this, there’s something so appealing about taking a trip to the cinema. The reason we believe it’s survived is that the cinema is an experience. The big screen and the overpriced, yet utterly delicious snacks. It’s something that can never be replaced. Seeing a new film for the first time in a room full of people, the excitement as the lights go down. It may not be making as much money as it used to, but it will still be a beloved treat for many people all across the world.

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