The 10 Coolest Gadgets of 2020

Nintendo Switch

It has been a great year for gamers with many new and innovative releases to keep us entertained. The Nintendo Switch is no exception with both the original and lite models being very popular, the switch offers unique gaming and has made great improvements with many classic Nintendo titles like Mario Kart and Smash Bros having a serious upgrade in comparison to the previous versions.


The drone industry is another that has seen a huge growth in popularity in 2020 meaning there has been more demand put on manufacturers to develop new and unique models. Drones can range in price depending on what it is you are looking for, many models come with high quality remote control technology and the more advanced models are equipped with cameras so you can record high quality footage from an aerial view.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming has been around for some time however, in 2020 there have been huge developments in gameplay quality and the amount of games that are able to be played in this format. Playstation have released a kit including headset and gauntlets that are compatible with the PS4, with games like Superhot and Vacation Simulator you can be sure to have hours of fun.

Amazon Echo Smart Plug

The Amazon Echo has been one of the most popular home devices to be released but, with the development of extra devices that can be used around the home the innovative nature of the Amazon Echo has been taken to new heights. The Amazon Echo Smart plug allows you to control electrical outlets from your mobile device so that you can safely turn your plugs on and off even when you aren’t home. The smart plug also allows you to set timers on your plugs so that you can schedule certain devices like your coffee machine to turn on ready for when you wake up.

Alexa Enabled Smoke Detector

Another great Amazon Echo device would have to be the smoke detector, this device has brought a whole new level to home protection. The Echo smoke detector allows you to keep track of the safety of your home and with 24/7 monitoring on the mobile app  you will receive immediate alerts in the case of an emergency, this setup can really provide peace of mind when it comes to your homes safety.

Wi-Fi Smart LED bulb

The Wi-Fi Smart LED bulb is another great device for making life easier around the home. Connect your lights to an easy to access mobile app and your able to control your home lighting at the touch of a button. This is great for someone conscious of energy management and allows you to remotely control your lights wherever you are. For those of you that are conscious about leaving your home for long periods of time you can remotely set your lights to come on and help deter potential burglars.

Easyacc handheld USB fan

With summer fast approaching, overheating is a common problem faced by many. The Easyacc handheld fan is a nifty device that provides a cool breeze when you need it, with USB charging capabilities the battery is stronger than your standard electric fan and you can recharge it rather than spending money on batteries. This fan comes with multiple settings for higher temperatures and due to its smaller size it is extremely portable and travel friendly.

Fossil Women sports Touch screen Watch

Smart watches have been around for some time with the Apple smart watch being released many years ago. The Fossil sports Touch screen Watch is a great example of a device that has come a long way from the first smart watches. With highly sensitive heart rate sensors and pedometer the Fossil watch records data with great accuracy.

Tile Mate

We’ve all been in the situation where we can’t find our keys, now what if there was a way to remotely track those keys and alert you to their location. The Tile Mate does just that, with a small keyring connected to a mobile app you can not only track its location but it will also emit a sound so that you can easily find your keys and get on with your day without turning the house upside down.

WT2 Language Translator Earbuds

Something a bit more unique to have come out of the technology industry in 2020 would have to be the WT2 Translator Earbuds. This would be great for those of you who travel a lot as it has the capability to translate a spoken language into your own. By recording what is being said and relaying said speech into a language of your choice this is great for when you find yourself in a situation where language barriers pose an issue.


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