Breaking: Nook Color Hacked to Run Ubuntu

Ubuntu on Nook Color

Ubuntu to run on hacked Nook color

The majority of the cool gadgets out in the market have got Ubuntu ported in them. You can take the example of any of the devices ranging from Nexus One to the HD2. All of them have got it. Ubuntu has got the Linux flavor.

A large number of cool gadgets have been coming under the Android Gadget, which included the Android Market as well as Froyo. All of this started happening since the root of Nook. We can safely say that this is the turn of Ubuntu.

A member of XDA has decided to PWN it as well as serve it with the lip-smacking penguin meal. We have to admit that this is not the safest thing to do on this planet. The blame can’t be put entirely on the hacker if something goes wrong.

The world is full of people who’ll love to sail in the Atlantic and that too looking in the eye of a killer storm. The process is not very simple, and a lot needs to be done. The process is not very simple, and a lot needs to be done.

There are steps such as shell commands which need to be taken. Will people go ahead and try this lucrative, offering of using Ubuntu on the beautiful touch screen of the Nook color is uncertain, but we can assure you that on-screen it looks fantastic.

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