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Future Cars: 6 Advancements in Car Technology You Have to Have

The technology used within cars has seen some pretty impressive improvements recently, a car is no longer a tool for driving, and instead, the more recent releases are coming with fully automated entertainment systems to make driving a more enjoyable experience. As well as the improvements to entertainment technology there have been some more functional features included in the newer car models to come onto the market.

Driving is considered by many one of the most important tools within a modern lifestyle, your car allows you to visit new places, get to work, and take your children to school so tech improvements to your journey are extremely useful. There is also an element of safety that comes with certain parts of the new technology, features like rearview cameras and an automated emergency break allow you to drive with the peace of mind that these precautions are in place to protect you and your family.

Below are six of what we think are the most innovative, must-have technology advancements to enter the vehicle industry, from entertainment to safety each serves a very important purpose that can turn driving from tedious to the fun.


Sound System

Listening to music whilst you are driving has been proven to help improve concentration and increase alertness on the roads, the technology advancements in vehicular sound systems have come a long way from the basic tape deck and stereo that was seen in older models. Nowadays car companies are treating us with high quality, modern sound systems to meet all of your entertainment needs. With double din head units for music lovers, you will be provided with a high sound quality that automatically alters its frequency to suit your environment, making a huge improvement to your listening experience whilst you drive.



In the era where our phones have become such an important commodity within the modern lifestyle, being able to safely, legally, and effectively use your phones whilst driving is a very useful tech advancement. Cars are now equipped with a Bluetooth monitor, this allows you to connect your phone to the screen in your car, whether you have an incoming call or want to listen to your playlist, connecting your phone to your car is a very useful tool. In terms of safety connecting your phone makes it easier for people to reach you which is vital in an emergency situation.


Phone Charging

As previously mentioned phones are very important to us within the modern world, because of this mobile compatible technology within our cars has seen a huge growth in popularity. Mobile docks and USB ports connected to your car’s power source are just general examples of the tech that is currently on offer. We no longer have to worry about getting in the car only to find your phone is dead as charging whilst driving is such a readily available service. The convenience of being able to charge your phone whilst traveling opens up whole new opportunities in terms of the distance we can go with a fully powered mobile device.


Air Conditioning

As well as all of the technology that has been released to implement our phones into our cars and the entertainment aspect, there have been huge improvements to things like air conditioning. In the summer months when the climate can be unbearable whilst you drive, air conditioning provides relief from being uncomfortable in the heat whilst you are in your car. Ensuring you have the very best environment and conditions when you travel can seriously improve how relaxing and stress-free getting behind the wheel can be. We are living in an era where high quality, automated temperature control makes driving a breeze.


Rearview camera

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider before you decide to purchase a new car, being a proficient driver is not always enough to ensure yours and your passenger’s safety so taking advantage of the new tech safety precautions that are available in the newer models can provide real peace of mind. Features like proximity alarms have helped reduce the number of collisions significantly, showing just how necessary these new technology advancements are.

Rearview cameras are also a pretty new development to be seen on our vehicles, with a direct connection to your car’s screen we can now see perfectly behind the vehicle, making reverse parking so much easier. Being able to see everything in your surroundings whilst driving has definitely made a significant contribution to a decrease in roadside accidents.


Self Driving Capabilities

Finally, one of the most advanced technological innovations to enter the vehicular industry would have to be self-driving cars. Top manufacturers such as Tesla have really changed the game with the introduction of a car that can safely drive itself at the push of a button. This advancement doesn’t seem real, the fact that this is available for purchase is a truly groundbreaking moment and a real part of history.

This development is completely safe, with the smartest minds creating such precise sensors and safety contingencies to allow the passenger peace of mind that they are safe when the car is driving. Although this isn’t an excuse to become unaware of the road and you must ensure you remain alert and secure when behind the wheel, it really is a great tool that can make driving a lot more relaxing.

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