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Extreme Sports Tech: How Pit Bikes are Making a Comeback

The world of extreme sports is a lot larger than people seem to think. Most people instantly think of free-climbing, intense storm surfing, or dangling off the edge of skyscrapers. But not all extreme sports need to be as dangerous or intense as this.

In fact, there a lot of very accessible and relatively safe sports (Providing you follow all the safety instructions) that you can take part in. And we are going to take a look at one of the oft-forgotten, yet highly exciting sports today. Pit Biking.


The Tech

We love technology on this site. Everything from the smallest, oddest gizmo, to the large-scale super magnets used in scrap yards. So it’s no surprise when we looked into pit bikes, we instantly fell in love.

A pit bike is not too dissimilar from an off-road bike in a lot of ways. Both are designed to handle most off-road terrain. Both use two wheels and require the same level of training before you can safely use one.

Whereas normal off-road bikes can go up to 150CC and offer a high-octane riding experience. Pit Bikes are designed to focus on areas with a lot of pits. So, by design, they are smaller, more compact, and have generally weaker engines than their off-road counterparts.

Their size is one of the most important design aspects. Due to the compact nature of a pit bike, they are much more maneuverable. This freedom of movement is essential when riding through pits and performing tricks. Pits often have small circumferences and steep slopes, so you need to be able to turn and navigate quickly.



Like off-road bikes, Pit bikes come in a few different versions as well, depending on your preference and intended usage.

The racing variation of a pit bike is fantastic for anyone looking to get that extra edge on the racecourse. Their small size and lightweight build allow for greater speed, while their sturdy tires and maneuverability give you a superior edge around corners or in rough terrain courses.

Pit Bikes are a great starter bike as well. As such, there are a lot of companies that offer variations designed specifically for teenagers. These units often have a weaker engine and capped speed, to make sure no one can get seriously hurt. They are fantastic for allowing your teenager to get a feel for bikes comfortably and preparing them for a more intense experience when they are older.

The most common form of pit bike is actually called a production bike. This is the variation used for off-roading on various terrains. While you won’t want to get into any races with a production pit bike, you will be able to pull off some fantastic tricks and glide across any terrain that comes your way.


The Craze

Pit Biking was extremely popular for a while. In the early 2000s, there was a huge off-roading craze as dirt bikes and quad-bikes pushed their way into the public eye. Channels like MTV, ESPN, and even Fox hosted a slew of shows showing the whirlwind sport in all its glory.

And this leads to a sharp increase in the number of people looking to give it a try. Of course, there are a lot of regulations when it comes to dirt-biking.

Firstly, you needed a special license to be able to ride a bike of a certain horsepower. This problem sealed a lot of people off from the sport. Secondly, these bikes were not cheap at all. The average American just didn’t have the spare funds to invest in a dirt-bike and all the maintenance tools that are needed.

This is where pit bikes come in. Straight off the bat, they are considerably cheaper than their larger counterparts. Some are nearly half the cost of a regular bike. And the cost of maintenance and support for pit bikes is also considerably lower.

Secondly, due to the engines being weaker, the license requirements are much laxer. A regular license will suffice. You will have to do a few things to make sure the bike can pass state inspection such as fitting a license plate and registering the vehicle with the state.

Due to all of this, Pit Bikes quickly soared in popularity. As the off-roading craze continued, more and more Americans turned to pit biking as a cheaper and generally safer alternative. But this didn’t last. Soon another extreme sports craze took the public eye and pit biking faded back into obscurity.


The Comeback

This pandemic has instilled a new sense of adventure into people. Everyone is itching to get back outside and try new things. Experience the world and live life to the fullest. Already we have seen orders for pit bikes increase sharply in anticipation of the pandemic ending and the outside world becoming habitable again.

Not to mention the financial benefits of getting a pit bike are very appealing at the moment. With the world’s economy in crisis, the average customer is looking for ways to support the economy without breaking the bank.

We saw the public image of extreme sports take a turn as well in recent years. Thanks to social media, people are able to connect with athletes and better understand the risks and challenges presented by these sports and also see that they aren’t as scary as they seem.


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