8 Enviornmentally Friendly Technologies Worth Investing In

As a nation, we have become far more environmentally conscious than any generation that has come before us. This is because of recent discoveries of just how poor the condition of the earth is. As well as being on the forefront of trying our best to defeat any environmental issues, we are also in the midst of a technological revolution that is quickly developing in complexity. These two may not appear to go hand in hand, but a lot of people creating this new technology are doing their best to make sure they’re as environmentally friendly as possible, some are even created with the sole purpose of helping the environment. Here are 8 Environmentally friendly technologies worth investing in.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are no new technology and have been making their impact on the planet for the last few decades. As time has gone on, solar panels have become far more attractive and thus more appealing to have on your property. They work by using sunlight to generate electricity that can power your home. There is the option to install these yourself easily at home or companies will install them for you. Solar panels are not only extremely good for the environment, but they will also save you a lot of money in the long run when it comes to electricity bills.

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are under home drainage systems that are separate from usual sewage systems. These are better for your environment as they mean that waste is not being drained into local water systems and harming the environment. There are many local septic tank installers that will install them for an extremely reasonable price.  They can be quite expensive when initially installed, but are great for the environment and are much more affordable than other filtration techniques.

Energy Saving Light bulbs

Energy-saving light bulbs are not terribly exciting bits of tech but they are still incredibly useful. Energy-saving light bulbs will produce far more natural light that will prevent any headaches caused by false lights. Energy-saving light bulbs also last a lot longer than an ordinary bulb as they only use the energy that they need to use, not only do they last a long time but they are also far less draining on your electricity. Meaning that you will spend a lot less money lighting up your home.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes may seem worse for the environment than the use of a regular bike, but they are far better for the environment than any car or public transport alternative. If you want to travel to work locations or to places of importance, you won’t want to use a regular bike that can be a lot of work and cause sweating. Electric bikes aren’t even too expensive, meaning you won’t be spending a lot of money while reducing your carbon footprint.  They also come in a lot of different models, some with storage features, meaning you will be able to use them much like you would use a car for its functionality.

Garden Water Barrels

Garden water barrels are not extremely exciting bits of tech but they are incredibly useful and do not harm the environment at all. They work by collecting rainwater and filtering it so that you may use it again. This is a better alternative than getting water from taps for things that you do not necessarily need completely sterile water for.  This bit of tech will be especially useful for people who garden, as it will give you a reliable resource to water plants that have all the natural minerals in them. They can also be used to help oxygenate any backyard ponds.

Back Garden Wind Turbines

Miniature wind turbines are great alternatives for anyone that doesn’t live in a particularly sunny area and will not benefit from the use of solar panels. They work in a similar way but instead use kinetic energy to produce electricity to power your home. These will only work in windy areas and so are probably not a great idea for anyone that does not experience this, if you live near the coast you will get coastal breeze that will help power them easier. Again, not only do they help the environment, but they will save you plenty of money on electricity.

Outdoor Electric BBQ

There is nothing better than having a BBQ when the weather is nice outside. Though it is really fun to have friends and family around for a bite to eat, people often forget how bad for the environment using a BBQ can be. Most of them work through the burning of coal, which as you may know is a fossil fuel that is extremely harmful to the Ozone layer. Outdoor electric BBQs can help prevent this as they work on electricity to cook your food and can be charged for a full day of use. They are also more likely to safely cook your food, which is another bonus.

Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket

These jackets use smart technology to meet your body temperature needs by using mercury to detect the heat of your body in comparison to what it should safely be.  This will save money on heating up your home in order to keep you warm and will do it through the use of science.

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