7 Great Gift Ideas for the Tech Lover in Your Life

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Anyone that’s friends with a tech lover knows that it can be difficult to find them the perfect gift within a market that’s so jammed with gift potential. It’s hard to know what everyone is raving about and what tech has the best specifications or popularity.

It’s not exactly like you can ask your tech lover friends what technology they want without spoiling the surprise of what gift you’re going to give them but fear not. Here is a list of  7 great gift ideas for the tech lover in your life.


The Nintendo Switch is the newest console to hit the market and it is taken the world by storm. This device has gained its popularity due to its features that have not been seen in other consoles in the last decade. The switch has the ability to go from a docked console to one you can use on the go.

You can also use up to 8 controllers on the switch, meaning that any game can become a good family/friends night in. The console also gives you the chance to play new releases and remastered versions of classic games which is a massive bonus point, the switch also has access to exclusive games such as Animal Crossing or Zelda, so you will have access to some incredible content.

Google Home

Google homes have skyrocketed in terms of popularity in the last few years and its rare that you’ll find a home that doesn’t already have one or two dotted around the house. You can never have too many of these handy pieces of tech as you can find a use for them in every room.

The Google home makes a lot of other tech redundant as it can be used as many things, such as a timer and radio. You have access to dozens of apps and you can order products without even having to look at a screen.

The Google Home also comes with the handy companion called Alexa that will set you reminders, do google searches and even crack a joke. The Google Home is a must-have and will be a welcome gift to anyone.

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VR Headset

VR is arguably one of the biggest leaps in gaming technology yet and has had a massive impact on the way that we look at the future of gaming. The VR headset is one of the most immersive gaming options on the market and makes games something far more than just a sit-down experience, you become a part of the game itself.

The VR is playable on a number of popular games, like  Skyrim or Super Hot and there are a number of games made specifically to use on the VR that is extremely immersive and fun to play. VR has also dipped its finger in the world of horror games, so no matter what someone’s taste is, there is something for them.

Galaxy Pods

Galaxy Pods are Samsung’s new and improved version of the airpod. Boasting powerful sound and noise cancelling features, tech fans have been loving the new Samsung device. These earphones are wireless and promise an excellent battery life and at a more than reasonable price, they make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

These Galaxy Pods offer some security, so you won’t need to worry about your friend losing them within 24 hours of handing them over.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

This is the kind of tech that you never knew that you needed. With the world becoming digital, pictures have become something that we only really keep on our phone. This isn’t because we don’t want to have physical copies of them, its just that getting physical copy within this day and age has become such a chore as to get them printed you have to visit a store of some sort.

This gadget makes the world of printing pictures of yourself and your friends far more convenient as the HP Sprocket as it prints 2.3 x 4.3-inch photos. It also works on blue tooth connection so you don’t need to plug anything.

If you are looking to frame any pictures, you can always look at Stonefoot for possible solutions.

Furbo Dog Camera With Treat-Tossing Technology

This is any techy animal lovers dream as it allows you to interact with your pets on the go. This clever little device gives you a full live stream of anything that your pet might be doing while you’re not at home so you can check what they’re up to when you’re not around.

It also gives you the chance to reward any good behaviour with a treat, not only will this encourage your dog to behave well when its on its own, but it will also keep it entertained and give you a chance to engage with your pet. Its just a cute little gadget that anyone would happily accept.


The Firestick promises to make any TV a smart TV and has skyrocketed in the last few years because of how dependable and convenient the device is.  The Firestick saves you money on having to fork out for a top of the range smart TV and allows you to have access to all of the popular streaming apps on one device, as many smart TVs are limited to which apps they can provide.

Again, these are extremely cheap pieces of tech and would make a fantastic gift.

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