7 Awesome Gaming Gifts for Video Game Fans

If the world of gaming is something that is completely alien to you, then it can be difficult to figure out what the perfect gift to get them is. Fear not, as we have compiled a list of 7 great gaming gifts for the gamer in your life.


Every gamer in the community that doesn’t already have VR, wants VR. Virtual Reality is the newest step in gaming technology that everyone wants to try, It gives users the chance to be fully immersed in any of the games that they play. VR is the closest thing that we have to futuristic technology and has completely reinvented the way that we play games.


The switch is one of the most recent consoles that has hit the market and has made its way to the top of everyone’s Christmas list. This console stands out from others on the market due to its portability, HD screen and fantastic battery life. The switch stands out from a lot of handhelds due to the games that it is capable of running and its ability to be linked to your tv much like a normal console.  The switch also has sensor technology that means you can play games in ways much different to what you have had experience with in the past.

A new game

A gift that is sure to be an instant hit for any gamer is a brand new game. If you are someone that collects games then the costs can really start to add up. Take a look at a few of the latest games and check whether or not the person you are buying for already has the game. If you are not quite sure whether or not a game is any good, you should look at fps101 where they have reviewed a lot of the best shooters.

A case

This is one of the must-have features that every gamer needs but always forgets to get for themselves. Cases are fantastic for transporting any consoles without any breakages or damage. They are also a great way to store your games with your devices so that nothing gets lost and are easily accessed.


Headsets are also another must-have for any gamer out there. Headsets are a great tool to use to completely immerse yourself in the game. A good surround sound can really make you feel as though you are really part of the game. A lot of headsets on the market are also noise cancelling, so they can block any potential distractions from around you. A lot of headsets also come with built-in mics, making it easier than ever to socialise with your fellow gamers and communicate strategy with teammates. Headsets also allow people to speak to people that aren’t gaming, meaning you don’t get isolated from the people around you.

New controller

Controllers are actually more expensive than you think they may be, which makes a lot of gamers reluctant to buy them. However, it is always useful to have a spare controller on the side so that you can play with people that are at your house, as opposed to taking turns playing. Once again, this makes gaming a far less isolating affair and something that any gamer will be grateful to have.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors are a must-have for anyone that uses any handheld consoles, yet it is another item that gamers often forget to buy themselves. This is important for protecting their screens and if you were to buy one as a gift, they would be grateful for the reminder.

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