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6 Console Innovations That Changed the Gaming World

VR Gaming

A notable development in console gaming would have to be the creation of virtual reality gaming, available on most mainstream consoles gamers can now immerse themself directly into the game they are playing using a headset and wands to control a virtual character with the movements of your own body.


Online Gaming

Prior to the world’s wide introduction to internet gaming with your friends was only possible through using multiple controllers in a split-screen format. Thanks to the internet and an online subscription to live service gamers are now able to connect to each other in order to game together.


Motion Controls

One of the first consoles to introduce online gaming is the Nintendo Wii, using a handheld controller to sense your movement’s gamers could control games using their own physical movements. This led to fitness games being created and was one of the first examples of gaming that could also have health benefits through exercise.



As time went on the quality of games graphics has undergone real improvement, gone are the days of playing pixelated style games and we can now enjoy high quality, realistic gameplay.



With all of the improvements to come about in the gaming world, there has been a real need for paid help to increase your performance and help climb the leaderboards of many classic game titles. Particularly with competitive online games, companies are now offering services like rocket league boosting to help people improve their game rank.


Gaming Capabilities

As consoles are being released with better processors, the gaming capabilities we are now experiencing are unlike anything we have seen before. With limitless maps and virtually error-free gameplay, we are living in a world where the possibilities are endless with the games that are being produced for our entertainment.

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