4 Hidden Gems Of PC Gaming To Try in 2020

The world of gaming of PC gaming is already extremely exciting and due to the actions of game developers, there have been exciting little additions that only improve the quality of your gameplay. However, these additions can be easy to miss and so may not receive the praise that they should. Here are 4 hidden gems of PC gaming to try out in 2020.



One of the newest features that game developers have added to their games is new shading techniques. This is not something that is instantly added to the game and sometimes requires some additional downloads to implement, so many miss the opportunity to try it out. They make your gaming experience look really realistic and so you should definitely take the time to look into what shading options are out there.


Ranking boosting

If you’re someone who loves the reward elements of ranking but dislikes how much time it takes to reach the higher levels of your favorite games then you should really try out rank boosting engines. These websites allow you to pay in order to increase levels and enjoy all of the benefits of being a high-rank player.  A lot of people do rocket league boosting in order to improve their gameplay, along with a lot of other games, and boosting is a gem you should definitely try out.


Voice chats

There have been plenty of new chat channels open that allow you to play and talk to your fellow gamers, be that inbuilt into the game, or on separate software. Make sure to check these options out as they can really improve your teamwork skills and will help you get better at the game.



In-game trading is one of the newest features of games and will allow you to make use of any unused equipment that you have earned or skins that you have worked for. It can also allow you to make back a bit of what you have put into the game, as many people will trade for real cash.

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