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21 Free Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Webmasters

Today, we’ve prepared a list of the best chrome extensions that most bloggers or webmasters use on their daily basis. (or at least on a regular basis) The 21 top list only contains free extensions/plugins that don’t charge for use, but only those that are capable enough to let you enjoy the extra added convenience or better performance in your blogging journey.

In this post, we are mainly focused on the browser tools that help with your blogging SEO and traffic generation while a few other useful ones are also included in some miscellaneous categories.

21 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Web Masters:

1. Awesome Screenshot
Best Chrome Extension For Capturing The Screen

Awesome Screenshot  
- Best Chrome Extension For Capturing The Screen
Image From: Awesome Screenshot

Making screenshots can be a lot harder if you haven’t heard of this plugin. Needless to say, this seems the best chrome extension for anyone that needs to take screenshots as it is an outstandingly user-friendly and easy-to-use plugin.

With this extension, everything can be made easy in terms of capturing screenshots; spot the page you want to screenshot and click on the button of ScreenShot. You can save or upload what you captured and bring them out at any time you want to.

This extension gives us some shortcuts and they are as follows:-

  • Ctrl + Shift + E – This shortcut will take the screenshot of the whole page.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z – This shortcut will capture the visible part of the page.
  • Ctrl + Shift + S – This shortcut will capture the area which you have selected.

2. Buffer
– Best Chrome Extension For Social Media Posting

Buffer - Best Chrome Extension For Social Media Posting
Image From: Buffer

This is already a famous app for making your social posting easier.

However, did you ever know that Buffer has the another version for Chrome browser extension? This can help you schedule and publish your posts across all the major social media accounts just at the set time of your favorite.

We have used it for pretty some time now and it drastically saves our time dealing with posting on many different social media. And it’s easy to install/use; the most powerful benefit you can enjoy with this Chrome plugin is you are offered all that convenience for absoultely free.

3. Grammarly
– Error-Free Grammar & Spelling

Grammarly Google Chrome Extension
- Error-Free Grammar & Spelling
Image From: Grammarly

Nobody is completely free from grammar or spelling mistakes, no matter how seasoned writers/bloggers they are or whether they are the language native or not.

Grammarly is one of the greatest chrome extensions that everyone praises. It’s the best ever made grammar checker tool that helps millions of bloggers in the world in terms of their error-free grammar and enhancement of the overall quality of writing.

Grammarly also offers its premium version too which has been equipped with more powerful features such as connotation check, tone of voice, and more advanced grammar checking capability which will be a great help especially for nonnative speakers of a language.

4. SEOquake
– Site Metrics At A Glance

SEOquake Best Chrome Extension for Blogging SEO
- SEO Site Metrics At A Glance
Image From: SEOquake

SEOquake is an SEO chrome extension that gives you a quick view of a website’s traffic, Google index, social media engagement, Alexa position, and a few more metrics at a glance.

Especially, this wonderful Chrome extension will come in handy when searching for a website you are guest posting on. It’s just a one click away to check on the site traffic and search index status; your blogger outreach can be made super easy without having to have multiple tools to check various site metrics.

That being said, there’s nothing perfect in this world. Most probably this plugin has its own cons for sure. But you couldn’t deny the fact this is a great plugin for being free. Absolutely free of charge.

5. Stay Focused
– Best Chrome Extension For Productivity

Stay Focused 
- Best Chrome Extension For Productivity
Image From: Stay Focused

If you are a person easily distracted or losing your concentration, then this extension should be a great deal.

Stay Focused is a very simple, but clever tool that enables you to remain focused on your job and limit the period of time spent on other websites out of your focus. All you need to do is to set a number of your daily limit on websites that often distract you while or at your work ,by simply adding them on the block list. You will have a limited time to access the blocked websites each day then, as long as you have this extension active on your Chrome browser.

Again, this plugin was made out of a very simple idea, yet the simplicity has made a great change.

6. ColorPick EyeDropper
No More Struggle In Finding Color Codes

This extension is an awesome way to make coloring your site a breeze.

Sometimes, it comes hard coloring when you don’t know the exact hex code or when you just want to copy the colors of other sites you may spot.

With the brilliant idea of ColorPick EyeDropper, (the name is a little bit too long though) you can view the hex color code of any sites you are visiting and simply copy it onto your site to fill your site with the color that you exactly want.

No more struggle in picking the colors in the color palette!

7. Mailtracker
– Best Chrome Extension For Email Tracking

- Best Chrome Extension For Email Tracking
Image From: Mailtracker

If you’re planning or already doing your email outreach, you’ll love Mailtracker.

Mailtracker is a chrome extension that helps you monitor whether the emails you sent out are opened or read. This tool can be helpful if you are on any kind of email outreach or cold emailing, such as content pitch, sales pitch, partner relationships building, or name a few.

It works best on any types of emailing, plus as convenient as simply clicking on the plugin just in your Chrome browser.

8. Email Hunter
– Find Email Addresses In A Second

Email Hunter 
- Find Email Addresses In A Second, best chrome extension for email extracting
Image From: Email Hunter

Email Hunter Chrome is an email address finder that makes it possible to obtain the email addresses of any websites you need the contact info from.

This tool boasts the accuracy of its email extracting. After some time of using Email Hunter, we assume the accuracy they offer is quite satisfying.

The use of this plugin is insanely easy. Just like clicking on the Email Hunter icon on the Chrome browser and… that is all. That’s really all. Then you will see the result of what they extracted for you.

9. SimilarWeb
– Best Chrome Extension For SEO Spying

- Best Chrome Extension For SEO Spying
Image From: SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is an analytics application that provides you with traffic and keyword information on a chosen site.

The insights SimilarWeb offers are as follows:

  • Traffic sources.
  • Top-ranking keywords
  • Competitor analysis

This one is actually quite a famous competitor analysis tool that every SEO knows, and it came into an even more convenient form as a Chrome browser not too long ago. Indeed, SimilarWeb seems like a must-have tool if you are a blogger and in an attempt to outrank your competitor by copying their keyword/traffic strategies.

10. Font Finder
Best Chrome Extension For Font Finding

Font Finder 
- Best Chrome Extension For Font Finding
Image From: Font Finder

This is quite similar with ColorPick EyeDropper that we previously introduced, but this time, it’s about ‘font’.

This is a Chrome extension that lets you know what fonts the site you visit is using. It works as simple as ColorPick EyeDropper:

1. Visit a site and stay on the page you want to copy the font from.

2. Click theFont Finder chrome extension on the browser.

3. Hover over your mouse cursor on the exact text font you’d like to see the code of

4. Copy the code from the information popup and place the same on your website.

11. TubeBuddy
– Best Chrome Extension For Vloggers & Youtube SEO

- Best Chrome Extension For Vloggers and Youtube SEO
Image From: TubeBuddy

If you’re a blogger that makes plenty of videos to teach your viewers about anything then this extension can be a great boon to optimize your Youtube videos.

With this handy Youtube optimization tool, you can do nearly everything that takes your videos to rank on Youtube. It provides insights like keyword competition level, related tags suggestions, video description optimization, keyword search volume, and pretty much everything.

On the other hand, it also provides its premium version which is paid. You may want to explore how you can capitalize on their paid features for your better Youtube SEO, although the free version is absolutely fine to use.

12. MozBar
– Best Chrome Extension For SEO

UpBuild Blog Chrome Extensions We Love Mozbar
Image From: MozBar

If you’ve ever decided to get a little bit deeper into the SEO then you should probably know about Moz.com. 

Moz Chrome Extension is an officially liberated extension of Moz and from that, you can easily find the domain and page authority scores of every website which are SEO metrics developed by Moz to estimate the overall power of a domain.

In addition, if you want to see if a site is spammy, the Moz extension can do great for your curiosity and carefulness on spam sites since it offers one more widely used metric by folks, called ‘Spam Score’ which can estimate the overall spam status of a domain. The 3 mentioned metrics are the most used measurements in the world of SEO: Moz DA, PA, Spam Score.

No many would deny the fact that it’s such a lovely offer that Moz.com keeps that most useful domain analysis feature just for free and with ease of use: just installing their extension and click on the icon to see the domain insight at any time.

13. Save To Pocket
– Save Any Pages On The Web

Save To Pocket Chrome Extension
- Save Any Pages On The Web
Image From: Save To Pocket

This is one of bookmarking software that helps a digital pocket where you can save articles or videos that you want to read/watch later.

What’s great about Save To Pocket is it itself can also act as an online book archive or streaming that you can even use on your mobile phone. (you can enjoy the tool when you are outside too)

This is totally free and hassle free for saving content, not to lose. It may be worth using if you are one that needs this sort of tool.

14. LastPass
– Best Chrome Extension For Password Management

- Best Chrome Extension For Password Management
Image From: LastPass

If You’re a busy blogger that constantly forgets the passwords around then this tool really works for you.

LastPass is an extension that has the power in managing most of the passwords on the web and providing their own unique simple login system integrated with your accounts. Moreover, not only on the web but also it can save and manage pretty much of everything like the passwords on your plugins or mobile apps.

Once you sign up on any website then this plugin recalls that password that you entered on that website. You might also put in your debit or credit card inside LassPass to make your transaction as quicker you desire, which will be safe since all the information is encrypted within the plugin.

15. Read Aloud
– Listen to The Article, Don’t Read

There’s sometimes laziness sneaks in and you blogger don’t want to bother to read or proofread what you wrote. You may want somebody to just read out for you while laid back.

To be honest, we can’t say Read Aloud is the best ever text to voice reader if you are comparing with other sophisticated text reader tools out there. But confidently, what you might love about this plugin is the factor that the text reader doesn’t charge a penny for using.

16. SEO Minion
– Best Chrome Extension For Bloggers’ SEO

SEO Minion 
- Best Chrome Extension For Bloggers' SEO
Image From: SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a set of small SEO tools that may help bloggers from time to time.

In general, it doesn’t have very eye popping SEO features, but one SEO feature of the small package has caught our attention: ‘Local SERP checker’ (nationwide).

With the sort of special feature of SEO Minion, you have no problem checking your SERP performance based on a country. It can be used greatly if you are curious about your keyword performance on some specific local search results (such as Japan, Russia, India, etc)

On the other hand, it also offers kind of basic SEO tools such as on-page analysis, link highlighter, broken link checker, and a few more, which aren’t surprising features to see in a SEO tool.

17. Loom
– Get You Across Through A Video

- Get You Across Through Video: video messenger tool
Image From: Loom

Loom is a video messenger that gets your message across quickly through the video record. It’s especially useful for co-working with your teammates, other blogger fellows, or partners. Sometimes the visual can tell much more than text; That’s what Loom is supposed to work for.

18. Easy Blog Commenting
– Must-Use Extension For Link Building

If You’re a blogger that builds your SEO by leaving comments on different blogs, or for networking in a pool of bloggers then this expansion can be quite helpful for you.

Easy Blog Commenting is really a totally free chrome extension, developed by an India based blogger Harsh Aggarwal.

This extension will be especially a time saver for you, if you are commenting, by any chance, using multiple different blogging profiles or email addresses. It has a dashboard where you can save and load your profiles to page you are leaving your comment.

19. News Feed Eradicator
– Don’t Get Sucked Into The Attention Holes

As the plugin claims, it’s an chrome extension that helps users focus on what they do by blurring the display of news feeds or other distracting elements from the users’ view. Instead, it says it displays a sort of inspiring quotes in the space of social new feeds.

That’s a smart way of thinking to develop such a plugin. That doesn’t have a complex rocket science in its functionality, but at least helpful to grow the attention span of bloggers that live up to the fate of using social media regularly.

20. Checker Plus For Gmail
– Email Marketing Couldn’t Be Easier

It expands the performance of the most used email client, Gmail by including a multitude of new features like incoming email notification, email preview, voice notification, email templates and even more.

What makes this plugin attractive to give it a try is its multi Gmail account management feature. With Checkr Plus For Gmail, you can manage all the different Gmail accounts you have just at one screen.

If you are a power Gmail user and ever felt tired switching across all the different emails at once, this is a must-have extension

21. Bitly
– Best Chrome Extension For Shortening URLs

- Best Chrome Extension For Shortening URLs
Image From: Bitly

No many may know Bitly also has various plugins across web browsers, including Chrome. It’s a well known URL shortener that shrinks the length of a URL. It’s great to use if the URL is too long to place or not very recommended though, for some link croaking purposes such as affiliate links.

Wrapping Up

Blogging can be easier if you make use of the right extensions.

In these top 21 best chrome extensions, we were primarily in mind for bloggers or website owners that have to routinely create and promote the pages/posts on the web. The listed ones were picked out for the fame and reputation, also reliability proven by millions of users on the internet. It’s quite safe to say you will have a boon for your blogging SEO, digital marketing, web design, and productivity if you pick up and use the right extensions that you need, from this list.

Have fun and enjoy your blogging journey. If you have other suggestions on top of this list, please comment right below! Bless you, have a great day!

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